Title: Try to Fool Me (Radio Mix)
Artist: DJ Derezon feat. Tommy Gunz & Devonte
Label: icetraxx


Try to Fool Me (Radio)


Try to Fool Me (RMX)


Try to Fool Me (Marvin Gate Alternativ Radio Flip)


Hook (repeat 2x)

Girl…you lie to me
You try to fool me
Girl…dont lie to me
Dont try to fool me
(verse 1)

Don’t lie
dont try it
i know whatcha doin
shauty you aint foolin nobody witcha lil act
talking bout you through with these niggas who don’t know how to act
just last weekend seen you in vip with another rapper
i aint the type a cat go for sloppy seconds
i don’t give a damn how fat ya ass is
been hip to these hoes
out here trynna be amber rose
told her hit the slut walk and get gone
do i look like wiz or kayne west
bitch you ain’t got half kim k assets
and even if you did
you ain’t foolin me
i see through yo schemes
off T. O. P
That community pussy
just ain’t for tg
no lie
(verse 2)

uh these hoes sum else
told a bitch don’t hold yo breath
i ain’t fallin for tha same ol shit
even if you gave it yo best
man it’s a trip
what this fame come wit
see you in the lame light
get it in they mind like that my lick
looking for tha come up not much else
thinking bout commas trynna get a check
on ig showing ass and titts
to catch the attention of the a celeb
twerkin her behind on vine and snapchat
yeah you fine whats after that
whole lotta BS
i bet
all you got is between yo legs
can’t get nun from tom but sex
no lie

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