EINMUSIK – Let me out


DIANA MIRO press-release September 2023

Smooth around the edges and ablaze on the inside, Diana Miro’s intimate, rich, „soul-dipped“ vocals confidently complement the hypnotic, experimental textures of Melodic Techno and the lush, emotional harmonies of Progressive House and Electronica.

The past few years have been especially fruitful for Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter Diana Miro. She released over 60 collaborations on record labels such as Armada, Anjuna Deep, Blackhole Recordings, Protocol, Colorize, DaysLike Nights, Zerothree, Shen, Atlant, and Purified.

Balancing between songwriting experiments and vocal explorations, Diana constantly refines her skill of delivering commercially successful vocal melodies and collaborates with both established mainstream names like Franky Wah, Cristoph, Eelke Kleijn, Avira, Dosem, Cosmic Gate, Kiko Franco, Tom Staar, and Shadow Child, as well as underground artists like BOg, 8Kays, Coeus, Massano, and Frankey & Sandrino.

In 2021 Diana began collaborating with the GRAMMY-nominated duo Cosmic Gate, subsequently releasing three tracks on ‚Blackhole Records.‘ A progressive house tune called ‚Blame‘ became the first single from the CG’s album ‚Mosaic: Chapter 1.‘ It received significant support from both mainstream and melodic techno producers and reached 1 million streams within three months on Spotify. As a follow-up single, Cosmic Gate & Miro teamed up for ‚Nothing To Hide’. This record accumulated nearly 6 million streams on Spotify to date. The final collaboration track, ‚Hear Me Out,‘ became the opening single from the ‚Mosaic: Chapter 2‘ album, gaining almost 3 million streams on Spotify and becoming the leading tune of the current CG tour in US & Asia.

In March 2021, Diana Miro successfully performed live with Eelke Kleijn at ‚Cercle.‘ The performance took place at France’s legendary landmark, the ancient Le Mont Saint Michele castle. Eelke & Diana performed „You,“ their collaborative track from Kleijn’s album, ‚Oscillations‘ [Days Like Nights], which was released worldwide in September 2020.

The brand-new release, ‚Let Me Out,‘ with Einmusic, is set to be released on October 13th on the ‚Embassy One‘. Especially for this instrumental, Diana has written a topline conveying the sense of being trapped by societal pressures that expect us to conform and succeed in a certain way. These expectations can feel like cages, limiting our true selves. Only by being authentic can we let ourselves out from this imaginary prison and break free.

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