Although Lenny Pearce is recognized in Australia for his position in #1 Charting pop group “Justice Crew” in 2010, from 2014 onwards his passion developed as a DJ & Producer. As years went by, Lenny would spend every single day producing music at cafes and DJing at local clubs and bars, perfecting his craft day by day. 2021 Lenny was apart of Australian electronic-pop/deep house duo Rumor who made a thunderous impact in the Australian Dance Scene, ranking up millions of streams and being nominated for the Australian APRA Music awards in April 2023.
As of late, Lenny Pearce is making a major impact on TikTok in 2023 expanding his reach over 10 million viewers, remixing the unremixable Nursery Rhymes and various theme songs, generating a very unique audience who demand his music to be released to the world.
Now, Lenny is back with a brand new single – and we couldn´t be more excited! “MACARENA” is a high-energy remix of the 1992 hit by Los del Rio and a perfect summer jam. So what are you waiting for? Head over to your favorite streaming platform and check out Lenny Pearce´s new single, “MACARENA”.

Juni 28th, 2023 by