MONOLINK – Frozen – Rodriguez Jr. Remix


French Olivier Mateu a.k.a. Rodriguez Jr. delivers a stellar remix for Monolink´s „Frozen“.

He reveals a different incarnation of Mateu’s musical psyche, one that strides ahead, guided only by his kaleidoscopic vision; moving through shimmering, contemplative electronica, to deep and urgent techno, left field melodic accents and quirky pop refrains. Drawing inspiration from artists as diverse as Stockhausen, LFO, Carl Craig, Eric Satie, Kraftwerk, and Michael Polnareff, Rodriguez Jr.’s spirit of adventure translates as soaring creativity, and music that cannot be pigeonholed.

Another great remix of an albumtrack of Monolink´s early 2018 released debut album „Amniotic“ which got remixes by Patrice Bäumel („Sirens“), Tale of Us („Swallow“) and Ben Böhmer („Father Ocean“) already.

Upcoming Monolink gigs:

March 8th – Blue Marlin / Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
March 10th – Pitch Music & Arts Festival / Mafeking, Australia
March 14th – Revolver Upstairs / Melbourne, Australia
March 16th – XE54 / Melbourne, Australia
March 17th – SASH daytime / Sydney, Australia
March 21st – Lunar Festival / Tel Aviv, Israel
April 13th – Zermatt Unplugged / Zermatt, Switzerland
April 25th – Art With Me / Tulum, Mexico
April 27th – Akamba Festival / Guadalajara, Mexico
April 30th – Bravo Festival Pre-Party / Mexico City, Mexico
May 4th – Public Works / San Francisco, CA
May 5th – Helipad / Los Angeles, CA
May 9th – Lightning in a Bottle / Bakersfield, CA
May 10th – Spybar / Chicago, IL
May 11th – Brooklyn Mirage / Brooklyn, NY
May 12th – Flash / Washington, DC
May 17th – Spin Nightclub / San Diego, CA
May 18th – The Stone House / Nevada City, CA
May 23rd – Meow Wolf / Santa Fe, New Mexico
May 24th – Bar Standard / Denver, CO
May 25th – Floyd / Miami, FL
May 26th – Elements Music & Arts Festival / Lakewood, PA
June 7th – Ikarus / Memmingen, Germany
June 8th – Pleinvrees Festival / Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 15th – Maifeld Derby / Mannheim, Germany
June 22nd – Isle of Summer / Munich, Germany
June 23rd – Body & Soul Festival / Ireland

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