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DROELOE unveil truth-baring new single “Only Be Me” on May 10th

Dutch duo DROELOE’s new release “Only Be Me” is a track that surely kicks off their 2019 with a definitive bang.

Underneath “Only Be Me”’s catchy chorus and classically inventive DROELOE production lies a deceiving concept that might just keep listeners up at night. Introducing the mask concept, DROELOE’s promotional materials for the single take on an infomercial aesthetic that elevates the song’s ironic commentary of pretending to succeed, in order to survive.

Our modern world requires people to put on different masks– whether it be on social media or in real life. Sometimes, it feels like putting on a front is the only way a person can make a name for themselves. With “Only Be Me”, DROELOE confronts the idea that it’s okay to shed the mask; especially around the people who care about you the most.

„Finding someone, something, or someplace where you truly feel like you can be comfortable being yourself is a beautiful thing. But of course, life isn’t really like that and apart from a few special exceptions, it’s hard for most people to feel that way. This track is about that feeling and about that special someone that gives it to you.“


Dutch producer Vincent Rooijers and visual designer Hein Hamers are DROELOE. The duo’s signature branded skull has quickly become synonymous with progressive music and breathtaking art highlighted by their impeccable percussion-heavy sound and stunning use of visuals. Since catching the ear of San Holo in early 2016, the duo has released two EPs A Moment In Time and The Choices We Face. The duo plans to embark on their second solo North America tour in early 2019.


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