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AVALANROKSTON represents the fusion of Grammy-nominated vocalist and producer Avalan with producer and songwriter Rokston. The two talents crossed paths in Amsterdam amidst the 2022 lockdown and embarked on a collaborative journey in the studio.
Both artists boast impressive individual achievements, with Avalan having worked alongside Armin van Buuren, while Rokston rose to prominence as one of Germany’s most promising young dance music producers. AVALANROKSTON melds their distinctive artistic trajectories, drawing inspiration from a mutual passion for electronic dance and pop music.
The duo’s story unfolded during the 2022 lockdown in Amsterdam, where they discovered a profound connection. Besides being accomplished writers and producers, they are also multi-instrumentalists, infusing their productions and live performances with a signature and authentic touch.
AVALANROKSTON’s music creatively combines the best of both DJ sets and live performances, finding the perfect balance between energetic, authentic mixes and exciting live elements that keep the audience engaged.
The duo’s signature sound is a fusion of pop-tinged vocals and grand electronic dance productions, drawing from a diverse array of genres, including Trance, Melodic Techno, and Cinematic compositions.
Their live shows elevate the experience by integrating live vocals and various instruments on, the Duo already performed at Ushuaia, Ibiza and legendary SAGE Festival, Bucharest.
AVALANROKSTON’s innovative and invigorating sound is already on a buzz in the music scene, and their unique live performances are poised to become fan favorites.

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