VISION V feat. PHEA – Lonely

Remaining loyal to his style, VISIONV announced weeks ago to his TikTok audience that he had just created the follow-up to his previous explosive and successful release, ‘Dancing Thing’. The video, which provides only a glimpse of the new production, has garnered over
half a million views and more than 13K creations, generating high anticipation among his followers. Now, the young DJ and producer is set to release his new song, “VisionV ft.Phea – Lonely”, delivering a transcendent melodic electronic music track that evokes the
best experiences of summer along with a strong message.
As VISIONV describes it, “‘Lonely’ is one of the tracks I have the deepest connection with because quite often when you are in the flow of creating, spending countless hours alone in the studio, you notice how lonely it can be just after it stops, but the song replaces this
feeling with hope”. Under the wing of Virgin Records, the artist’s latest track, “VisionV ft.Phea – Lonely”, will be available on all digital streaming platforms starting July 7th. In line with his signature style, “VisionV ft. Phea – Lonely” incorporates transcendent synths and deep bass lines, complemented by the mesmerizing vocals of Phea, another emerging
producer, singer, and songwriter. Notably, Phea also shares her thoughts on the significance of the song’s message: “Loneliness can be difficult because it can be felt in the company of others. It can be challenging but you learn a lot about yourself and grow. With “Lonely” we wanted to turn that negative feeling into a positive one”.
“VisionV ft. Phea – Lonely” aims to build upon the artist’s continuous success with his previous song “Dancing Thing’. In just 8 weeks, the track has already accumulated over 1.5 million streams on Spotify alone and continues to make waves across multiple platforms.
With this new release, VISIONV is expected to further establish himself in the industry and grace the stages of summer festivals across Europe.
Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like AVICII, Ben Böhmer, Fred Again, and Inzo, the young DJ and producer has been playing music since he was a child. During his teenage years, he discovered the world of electronic music through synthesizers and has been
producing ever since. Now, with the introduction of “VisionV ft. Phea – Lonely” and a devoted and connected social media audience, VISIONV is poised to make 2023 just as memorable as his tracks.

Juli 7th, 2023 by