Zac Tenenbaum feat. Asdis – Only wanna dance with you

Born in Tijuana, raised in a Jewish orthodox community in Paris, Zac cut his teeth as an accordion player on a cruise ship in the Baltic Sea.

Due to seasickness he changed plans and started working as a pool boy in a Miami floor show.

After leaving his apprenticeship working under the famous Saul Sanchez, producing the worlds most luxurious Panama hats, Zac is bouncing onto the scene like a disco ball at a bar mizwa.

Waterfalls of synths dripping flamingo tears into a well of arppegiated glittery baselines,

frequencies too high for dogs to hear, soundwaves low enough to make your mamma cry, that’s the sound of Zac.

No more to say, Zac Tenenbaum is here to stay.






Label: Embassy One





Dezember 2nd, 2020 by