HUGEL x Alex Guesta – Ready To Go (My Addiction)

Renowned DJs and producers HUGEL and Alex Guesta join forces and unveil an electrifying new single “Ready To Go (My Addiction)“.
This revamped version features the dynamic touch of French DJ star and producer HUGEL, elevating the track to unprecedented heights. “Ready to Go” incorporates the most sensational elements that made “My Addiction” a sensation on social platforms, with 3 million Instagram Reels creations and 300k TikTok creations contributing to its massive success. The infectious beats and irresistible hooks have captivated audiences worldwide, creating a dance phenomenon.
Adding to the allure of “Ready to Go” is the collaboration with HUGEL, a luminary in the electronic music scene. Known for his signature style and chart-topping hits, HUGEL brings his unique sound to this song, delivering a “Super Cool” twist, as described by Alex Guesta himself.
In the words of Alex Guesta, “It’s good to know that a new chapter has been added to the story of ‘My Addiction.’HUGEL has given a new twist to the track, making ‘Ready to Go’ a must-listen for fans and music enthusiasts alike.

Januar 12th, 2024 by